Marble maintenance and other services we provide

Does your marble, granite or any other type of stone require cleaning or repair?

Microscopically, marble and granite are porous and therefore, like other types of stone, they are susceptible to the effects of temperature changes, absorbing “dirt”, liquids and other damaging elements.

Over the years marble and granite – especially if outdoors – need maintenance to keep their natural beauty.

We work on site to smooth, confer an “antique” appearance, clean, repair, renovate and consolidate items, monuments, historic buildings in marble or granite, making copies of missing parts if necessary.

If you require new and complete pieces, please contact us for the following services:

Consultancy for style and design

Modern, old, rustic, interiors or exteriors.. every style has its own patterns, colours and materials. Tell us what you are looking for or your ideas and we will provide you with a project. We have all colours and raw materials, including rare ones.

Projects made to measure.

In prestigious houses and during renovation, the stone adjusts to the environment (and not the opposite). We design each piece individually so that it fits into the environment perfectly.


Quality productions

Our products are the result of high-quality design, planning, materials and manufacture (including making surfaces look “antique”). We use intermediate-quality stone only if customers ask us to.


Specialised laying

We create unique, precious pieces that are heavy yet delicate. Would you trust an unskilled/inexperienced person to fit in the piece? Upon request we transport and lay our products.